Travelling for Timbre+

Checked out Timbre+ a week plus ago with my fellow class leader Yiting! Sounds like 17 again. I don't blog often but I really wished there was more info on this place besides the food and stuff. Like more minute details on the crowd, menu and ordering? So this is for my friends and all who wants to check it out!! I only took photos of the menus of Two-wings and Garçons cause we bought food from them!

This new food place has been popping up on my newsfeed and the place is very artsy now you know why I went. Totally visually attracted. It was abit far all the way at one-north but we went for it anyway!! If you haven't seen or heard about Timber+, it's time to google cause there are some pretty awesome food!

How to get there:

Use to find possible routes to the place! The official address is 73A Ayer Rajah Crescent, JTC LaunchPad @ one-north. Basically a short walk from one-north circle line. 

We didn't know how to walk so we went to information counter haha. Just get out of Exit C and go to the taxi stand. Cross the taxi stand and you'll reach a green building. It's just behind the building! And you'll be greeted by this Instagram fellow.

The hawker stalls are on the left which are closed by the time we went (closes around 6pm) so we walked to the right where the restaurants are at! Look at this beautiful graffiti food truck!

Yep. There is no air-con so wear light! We reached around 6.30pm on a Wednesday and the place was still 1/3-1/2 filled only so we walked around all the stalls to see what they have! I'm not a food blog so I'll provide a link for the food choices:

Note: DO get a table if you're lucky enough to have many empty. We didn't feel it was necessary given the amount of empty seats. MISTAKE. Think this place is ULU? Think the seats will be empty till you decide on what to eat? Well, SUDDENLY ALOT OF WORKING PEOPLE SWARMED IN around 7pm. And tada, there were no more empty tables. Luckily a kind group spared us 2 seats before their colleagues arrived. Really, the sight and all are very captivating so much so that we lost our basic instinct to chope a seat. All aunty-ness will be lost.

The interior is Woots: 

Standing in the centre. Bottle shop is on your left once you walk in from the beautiful graffiti food truck.

And the stage will be on your right when you walk in.

This is Bottle Shop if you feel like drinking.


There were only 2 of us so we need to be really selective about what to eat so we shared and decided on the following 2!! 

What we ate:

First up is the 6pcs Salted Egg Chicken Wings!! A couple of people who walked past our food asked us where we bought them from. After which I think it's so awesome to makan with someone who does homework before heading down yay!! Yiting sent me this link:
And I screenshot them for easy reference. I guess we like to be well-prepared and know what we're in for hahaha. Of course, feel free to just pop up and order whatever you see.

Walk all the way in and you'll see Two Wings!

This is the menu. I know how infuriating it can be sometimes when you wanna plan a budget but just can't find the menu online. We went with 6 pcs ala carte!

You get a beeper! So you can go back to your seat or buy more food wahahaha.

Next we wanted both Kushi's rice bowl and a main from Garçons. The queue for Kushi was long and by the time I finished buying from Garçons, we made a sound decision to stop at 2. Hehe.

Yiting's bright outfit totally fits in. 

Here's Garçon's menu.

We ordered signature main course Crispy Pork Belly from Garçons (Modern French food)! $17.90. DAMN GOOD. MUST EAT OMG. The oil is just nice, MAD CRISPY CAN. The meat, so soft that it almost melts in your mouth OMG!!!  And you self-order at a machine. After that you get another beeper.

OUR FOOD :D Self-confessed not good at taking photos of food omg they are mad delicious.

Oh yes another thing. KEEP THE TRAY. IT IS $1 when you return it!! So yes please return your tray too omg just return it no matter where you eat okay. Hehe after satisfying our tummies we wanted to drink something! The choices were rather limited with water, green tea, Coke etc or alcohol so we decided to go back to the mrt area to get bubble tea. 

Smile smile for wefie! The photo looks better when the taller one is holding the camera hahahaha. Her curls are damn gorgeous I'm waiting for my hair to grow back!!

Where's our umbrella?? :0 It rained and there's no shelter back :( SO BIMBO MOMENT AGAIN, EVERY TIME WE MEET HAHAH. Damn funny loving it. I almost cannot already wanted to curl on the floor and laugh. Also one of the most romantic moments like those drama holding something over our heads together and walk/run in the rain. I love how we can be so real with each other and don't need to care about face. Ah, I remember the first time I burped in front of her along AJC library corridor and her epic response of "you don't look like someone who burps". HAHAHA. To 7 years of love and more <3333333!

If you feel it, you feel it.

It's not how it looks. I know this kitten looks sad. It is about the comfortability of the blanket which I am going to burrow underneath later. So much to say yet so little to say. I think this is it. And this ought to be it. This picture is it. Have a good night everyone. 



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